Your options on leveling routes in Legion. Read!! UPDATED 25 August 2016

So quite a few people are wondering whether they should follow the guide step by step and do all the quests or if they should do just the main quest chain. They are also wondering whether it’s worth it to do the dungeon quests or not.

In my opinion there are 3(4) options that are somewhat of a deciding factor on how you should level.

1st option: You are like me. You have done all the quests and bonus objectives in Spires of Arak/ Nagrand and you can’t prepare any quests in advance apart from the missives + tanaan jungle dailies. If you do that you will have 20 quests that each reward 3750k xp or 75k xp total… That’s nothing basically. In this case I personally plan on doing all quests without skipping any, apart from Stormheim’s last few quests which take too long time.

2nd option: You have quests and bonus objectives in Nagrand and Spires of Arak which you can complete/almost complete and once Legion starts you will go and turn them in. Now that’s a hefty sum of xp you start with. In this case in my opinion your better option would be to just follow the main quest chain till you get the dungeon quest in each zone and at the end just do 2-3 dungeon quests if it’s needed.
Edit: So today I found out that the quests and bonus objectives have been nerfed. The bonus objectives in Nagrand reward 24k xp, while the quests reward 4.6k xp. It’s still better than doing the missives + tanaan jungle dailies, but overall it seems that this option is getting a bit harder to do now. There is a high chance that you will need to have all 4 dungeon quests done and even do few side quests.
Spires of Arak bonus objectives reward 22k xp and quests reward 5k xp(if you have the 20% xp buff picked)

3rd option: You don’t have any quests and bonus objectives to prepare in advance, but you still want to just follow the main quest chain. You can do that. Once you are almost done with the 4th zone you are doing the main quest chain at, you should start queueing up for the dungeons that you have quests and do them. At the end when you have done all the dungeon quests if you aren’t level 110 yet you can go back then and complete the side quests to hit 110.

4th option: I thought of this option after I made the post. Generally your 4th option is to simply do what you want to do. For example go to Azsuna and follow the guide and once you reach level 102 you can head for Val’sharah and do the same there. Basically stay in a zone for as long as you feel like it. It might not be the optimal, but I assume that some people might like this type of leveling.

I’ve seen also suggestions that say, that you should just go to each zone till you hit friendly and head to the next zone, but in my opnion that’s not a good option, unless you have leveled to like level 104 in Draenor… because just hiting friendly and heading to the next leveling zone would at most get you from level 100 to level 105. What’s more apart from Azsuna dungeon quests I doubt you would have unlocked any of the other dungeon quests, but even if you have you would at most somehow manage to hit 106. At the end you will be forced to run back and do more quests in each zone.

Unlike previous expansions Blizzard is being fairly conservative with the available xp… in Draenor a person could do partially the first zones(Frostfire Ridge/Shadowmoon Valley), then do the whole Gorgron, then partially Talador, then most of Spires of Arak and at this point you will be hiting level 100. You wouldn’t even need to go to Nagrand to do it. There was a ton of available quest and bonus objectives xp. The fact that treasures awared XP also contributed to that.
However in this expansion the total amount of xp ALL the quest + dungeon quest give would be enough for a person to hit probably level 111, halfway though to level 112 at best.
As such you can see that we don’t have as many options as we had back in Draenor. What’s more treasures don’t award XP anymore.
That’s why I have integrated the side quests in the leveling guide. Because in my opinion the best way to level is to do both main quest + side quest at the same time .What’s more with the exception of maybe 3-4 side quests, generally all the side quests are usually ridiculously easy and fast to do. It’s not worth skipping them. Again that’s just my opinion.

Also the reason I haven’t suggested doing the dungeon quests is actually fairly simple. A LOT of people still haven’t gotten used to the changes their classes got right? What’s more the majority of players don’t know the dungeons. As a result while normal dungeons are obviously easy there is a high chance that you might get into a group that would do let’s say 40% of the dungeon and would end up disbaning because you wiped 1-2  times on packs or a boss… That’s a major waste of time. Dungeons don’t really give any xp. The only worthwhile thing about them are the dungeon quests at the end of the dungeon, so if you join a group that disbands halfway through you basically are wasting time that, if otherwise you have used to do quests you would have made about 100k-150k xp or even more.

What’s more, some dungeons are long. Good example is Halls of Valor. That dungeon would roughly take you 30 minutes. IF you are running with a group that the majority of players know the dungeon it might take 20 minutes or even less. Then it’s worth it, but 30 minutes for roughly less than 200k xp is not worth it, at least it’s less than if you were doing quests.

If you really do want to do dungeons my suggestion would be to queue up for dungeons while you are doing quests. When you get into the dungeon you should make a quick judgement if this group can clear the instance. For example if you wipe on the first 2-3 packs I doubt it will be a pleasant experience, or if it’s progressing really slow. At this point I think it would be best to leave the dungeon and while you are waiting for your dungeon debuff to expire you should do quests. Once it expries you should queue up again and do the same thing. If it looks like a solid group finish the dungeon. If it looks like a group that “might” finish the dungeon, but it would take some time just leave and repeat. I know it’s not a great thing to do and usually I wouldn’t do it, nor recommend it, but it’s the launch of Legion and I assume that everyone that’s leveling characters the first 1-2 months want to level their character as fast as possible.

Well these are my thoughts guys. As always you should take them with a pinch of salt or to be more precise that’s just my opinion and if you have others opinion you should follow them. I’m not necessary right, nor are you necessary wrong. Everyone should make their own judgement on how they will level.
What I’m writing here about is simply my view on the leveling process.

Also I’ll be adding a rough estimate of how long the dungeons take, so that for example if you need 1-2 dungeons to hit 110, you can queue up for the shorter dungeons rather than the long ones.

So far what I got is this:
Neltharion’s Lair – Took me 20 minutes with a random group. We had 2 level 110 in the group, but generally it’s an easy and fast instance. We could have saved time if we had skipped the rare that was in a side part of the dungeon. We could have saved probably 2-3 minutes if we had skipped it.

Halls of Valor – Took me 30 minutes with a random group. There were no level 110, but there were obviously at least 2 people who knew what they were doing. Even then 3 or 4 times people died which slowed the process, but even if they hadn’t died it still would have taken us probably about 25 minutes or so.

Eye of Azshara – Took me roughly 22 minutes with a random group. There were was 1 level 110 + at least 2 more people who knew the dungeon. We had 3 suicides + few unnecessary pulls so overall I assume if you are with a decent group you can finish this dungeon i nabout 15-16 minutes.

Darkheart Ticket – So I’m not sure if I should even mention the try I had on this… There was a tank with 850 ilvl ++ gear and a 101 mage with mythic gear that did 400k burst damage on the last boss without heroism and what’s more we skipped 1 boss. It took us 11 minutes to finish the dungeon, so I assume if we had done the skipped (3rd) boss it would have taken us roughly 15 minutes to finish the dungeon, but again we had a bit of an unfair advantange. So I would say a regular group would take roughly 16-20 minutes to finish this dungeon.


6 thoughts on “Your options on leveling routes in Legion. Read!! UPDATED 25 August 2016

  1. Thank you so much for this! Im definetly gonna contribute to keep this page up once i get paid 🙂 is there a way we can tell what quests are “Main”

    1. Sadly I made the mistake of not noting down which quest are side quests and which are main.
      I might try to sort that out before Legion launches, but I’m not confident if I’ll have the time to do it.
      But generally if you are looking on doing just the main quests, simply following the quests you are given by the NPCs should be enough.

      At first I thought of creating the guide by following the main quest and after that adding the side quests, but I realized that a person can save time by mixed both. It didn’t feel right to do all the main quests and then go back to places that you have already been to do side quests as well.

      Generally the way to identify most of the side quests is, whenever there is a side quest(s) you will see that there is a screenshot or a video in the guide showing the location of the NPC that gives these quests. The reason there is a screenshot is because these quests tend not to be on your route while doing the main quest chain and you would end up missing them.
      So basically almost all the quests that are shown on a screenshot or a video where you can pick them up are side quests.

  2. Hey what about Inn quests? do they give any exp? you can pick 2 each day, maybe they are a good option as you can turn them in your garrison fast.

    1. I’m not sure which Inn quests you mean, but generally all the garrison daily quests reward 3750 xp.(not sure for the pet daily. It might give more)
      There are some quests that give more xp, but it’s not really worth the effort to get them.

  3. With the nerfs to xp is it still worth doing bonus objectives and quests in nagrand or should i abandon the idea and just do new content? I already have all the quests and bonus objectives ready.

    1. If you have them ready you might as well go and do them. The xp you will make from them for the time it take you to turn them in, is more than if you went and did quests for the same amount of time.
      Especially if you have flying.

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