World of Warcraft: Legion – Beginner guide!

So i’ve been meaning to write this, but I haven’t had any time due to work and other personal stuff, but I finally have some free time.

The idea behind this guide is to point out the main few things that you need to focus on once you hit level 110.
As you have probably learned by now, Legion is like no other previous expansion. Due to the introduction of Artifact Weapons it’s really important that you take the appropriate steps once you hit max level, so that you don’t lag behind.

1st. You have to decide before you even begin leveling on what professions you will be. Generally if you are new to the game and/or you have no gold I would suggest that you pick Herbalism and Mining as professions.
The reason I suggest those 2 professions is because they can make you decent gold while you are walking around doing World Quests or other stuff around in the Broken isles and also because professions like Blacksmithing/Leatherworking etc… are a bit more complex and require more time investment. The main reason is because the things you can craft that will bring you gold mostly require Blood of Sargeras or a lot of other materials that if you don’t have a supporting professions like let’s say Mining(if you are Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting/Engineering for example) it will be close to impossible to craft since you probably won’t have the necessary gold to buy them.
What’s more acquiring Blood of Sargeras can be quite painful. So far from what I’ve seen the best way to get it is from farming dungeons, preferably Heroics/Mythics and that requires a huge time investment on your side.
Herbalism and Mining can bring you a lot of gold because old players(like me for example) tend to not have gathering professions and as such we are forced to buy materials from the Auction House, however it should be noted that old players like me usually have a lot of gold. For example I have over 1.5mil gold, but even then on my 2nd character that was recently leveled and didn’t have any professions I picked Herbalism and Mining and so far while just doing World Quests I have made probably about 20k gold with it which isn’t bad when you have in mind that I skip A LOOOOT of mines and herbs.

Still if you want to pick different professions it’s fine, but as I said if you are lacking the gold I suggest that you pick appropriate professions. Here is the list of most suited professions with each other:
Blacksmithing/Engineering/Jewelcrafting + Mining – All those 3 professions use ores as main crafting material.
Leatherworking + Skinning
Tailoring + Enchanting – The reason why those 2 are best suited is because unlike other professions the cloth needed for crafting with tailoring drops from humanoid mobs around the world. The way it works is you craft items with your tailoring profession and then if you don’t need them and don’t plan on selling them you can disenchant them with your Enchanting and use the materials on your Enchanting profession.
Alchemy/Inscription + Herbalism – Both those professions use herbs as main crafting materials.

Recommended addon – Gatherer

2nd. Once you hit level 110 the very first thing you have to do is go to Suramar and hit “Friendly” with The Nightfallen. By doing that you will unlock World Quests. You also need to be “Friendly” with Highmountain Tribe, Valarjar, Dreamweavers and Court of Farondis. If you have followed the leveling guide that’s shown on this site you will probably be honored with all these reputations before you even hit level 110.
With the upcoming patch 7.1 once you have unlocked World Quests on at least 1 character the rest of your characters will automatically get them on hiting max level.
Source – Blizz Forums
Also you need to reach fast honored 8000 out of 12000 reputation with the faction in Suramar, so that you can unlock”The Arcway” and “Court of Stars”. Those 2 are dungeons that have only mythic difficulty(don’t have normal/heroic) and can be unlocked only after doing certain quest chain.

Bonus tip: While you do stuff in Suramar you will occassionally find Ancient Mana Crystal and Ancient Mana Gem. I suggest that you don’t use those and instead you put them on the Auction House and sell them. You can easily get Ancient Mana and it’s not worth using those.

3rd. I recommend you install the addon “World Quest List“. It’s a great addon that displays all your world quest in a simple way. There are few other such addons, but this is definitely the best one in my opinion.
As soon as you unlock World Quests I suggest that you open your Broken isles map and check for any gear that is at least 10 item level higher than what you are wearing. If there is such gear I recommend that you check how much time you have before that particular World Quest expires. If there is a lot of time and you plan on being at least few more hours online you can do it later, but if you plan on logging out soon I recommend you do those quests. That way you will get the item before you logout and later when you log back and the quests have refreshed you will have a chance of getting another item that is an upgrade.
If there aren’t any good World Quests or you have a lot of time on your hands and you can do the World Quests that reward gear upgrades later then I suggest you head back to your Order Hall and starting your campaigns. Your aim is to get to the part(quest) in your Order Hall campaigns that require you to complete certain amount of “missions” with your followers. Generally the first such part is usually once you get your 3rd and 4th follower. Few quests after that you would get a quest that requires you to complete 4 missions with your followers and each of those missions take quite a bit of time(I think 8 hours are the shortest. Varies for different classes)
Once you are at that point you can start the 4th step of this guide.

4th. Gearing up, but before you start doing anything I suggest that you download “Deadly Boss Mods” addon. This addon is a must if you plan on doing dungeons/raids because it can make your life a lot easier. The addon shows you during fight when the boss is about to do certain abilities that require any action on your side. You can also install the other parts of the addon for the older raids – “Vanilla and Burning Crusade“, “Wrath of the Lich King“, “Cataclysm“, “Mists of Pandaria“, “Warlords of Draenor“.
As usual the first thing you have to do when you log in is to check your World Quests and see if there are any gear upgrades for you.
Once you’ve done that you should queue up for the appropriate dungeons – if you are under 810 item level you should queue for normal dungeons and aim to get 810 item level.
Once you are item level 810 you should start queueing for heroics and aim to get 820-825 item level.
Once you are 820 you should start looking for Mythics, but chances are people will ask that you are at least 825 or even 830 before they start picking you for mythics.
The way to look for groups is by opening the group finder(default key is I), then click on “Premade Groups”, then choose Dungeons and look for Mythics(not Mythic +, if it has a + it’s a different type of mythic will explain it in a moment).
Once you hit 825 item level you should do your Looking For Raids – The way to queue up for LFR(Looking For Raid) is with the group finder(default key I). Once you open the group finder click on “Raid Finder”, choose from the drop down menu which part you want to do(I suggest all at this item level) and queue up.
Once you are 840-845 item level or higher you should start doing “Mythic +” dungeons. What are “Mythic +”? Those are dungeons that can actually scale and with each level the mobs have more hp and do more damage and at certain levels they get extra buffs or you can even call them “abilities”.
For more information you should check this guide – Everything About Mythic+ Keystones and Dungeons
Once you reach this point in the game you should have quite a good understanding on how things work when it comes to dungeons and raids and no further information on this topic is needed in my opinion.

up to 810 do normal dungeons
810-820/825 do heroics
820/825-840/845 – do looking for raid + mythics
840/845-890(for now at least)do mythic+(Mythic Plus) dungeons

Bonus advice: I can’t confirm 100% this, but on my last alt when I reached Rank 15 honor and did my first Rated Battleground on the next day when I logged I had unlocked PvP World Quests that reward 840 item level gear, so it’s not a bad idea to get those 2 things done. I’m not sure which one triggered the higher item level gear, but I believe it was the reaching 15 honor rank.

5th. PvP – The reason while I don’t mention PvP earlier is because of the way it works in Legion is different then the way it worked in all the previous expansions.
When you hit max level and enter a battleground or an arena the game will automatically scale your character as if he is 850 item level, however that doesn’t mean that you are equal to the rest of the people and there are 2 reasons for that.
The first reason is because even though by default you get your stats set up as if you are 850 item level you can still get better stats and the way to do that is by getting better gear. It doesn’t matter if it’s PvP or PvE gear. For each 1 item level you get above 800 item level you get 0.1% more stats, so once you have 850 item level gear equiped you will have 5% more stats then if you had 800 item level gear. If you have 900 item level then you will have 10% more than if you were 800 item level.
The second reason is because of the traits on your weapon. Although your stats is scaled to 850 item level the fact doesn’t change that you have less traits on your Artifact Weapon than the rest of the people.

So from those 2 things that I mentioned I think it’s clear that you pretty much have to do dungeons to get better gear. You can gear from PvP as well, but it’s A LOOOOT slower.
Also I’m not 100% sure on this, but either after you reach “Honor rank 15” or you do your first Rated Battleground/Arena(or both) you will start getting 840 item level PvP gear from World Quests.

6th. This is just an extra, but I suggest you find a nice transmog you like and start working on getting it. The way to do that is by opening your “Appearances”. It’s located near your Game Menu when you click on “collections”(the horse icon)

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