Preparing for leveling

There are few things you should definitely have with you to make your leveling experience even faster.

First and foremost make sure you EMPTY your bags. Also if you can afford it buy 3 Hexweave bags or 3 Royal Satchels. Why 3? Well you will get a 26 slot bag as a quest reward in Highmountains – Addie’s Ink-Stained Satchel

Make sure you have flasks. Get the appropriate flask for your class type. So for example if you are agility type class pick flasks that give agility. These are the 3 flasks you need to get according to your class:
Greater Draenic Agility Flask
Greater Draenic Intelligence Flask
Greater Draenic Strength Flask

Next I recommend you get enough augment runes according to your class:
Hyper Augment Rune
Focus Augment Rune
Stout Augment Rune

If you already have Empowered Augment Rune use it, however if you don’t have it in my opinion it’s not worth buying it because it cost too much gold and you will only be using it while you level. Once you hit level 100 you won’t be using it anymore because you will be using Defiled Augment Rune instead.

Get yourself some Goblin Glider Kit’s – Those will save you a lot of time waiting on lifts or having to run around.

Mecha-Blast Rocket – Bare in mind that this one share CD’s with potions and other similar items(1 min CD)

Also as stag suggested in the comments below you could get:
Drums of Fury
Draenic Invisilibty Potion – or any other invisibility potion. Basically whatever is cheaper on the Auction House, you can use that, but by logic this one should be the cheapest.
Draenic Agility Potion
Draenic Intellect Potion
Draenic Strength Potion

Also at the beginning of the expansion you probably won’t be able to get your hands on these, but after few days you should be able to buy them from the auction house.
Leystone Hoofplates
Demonsteel Stirrups
Fighter Chow

Drogbar-Style Salmon

Also make sure you pick your professions, since professions in Legion have quite a few quests that give xp. Pick all your main professions and your secondary professions as well.

I recommend you get these Addons. They can definitely make your life easier:
Daily Global Check – It tracks your daily/weekly activities. It’s really helpful if you use more than 1 character.
HandyNotes – required, so that Nandy Notes Legion can work
NandyNotes Legion – This addon will show Legion Treasures and Rare Spawns on the map & mini map.
Atlas Dungeon Location – This addon will help you find where dungeons are.
Note: Don’t forget to update the addons on launch and after big patches!!!

In previous expansions people would usually complete 25 dailies and turn them in once the expansion comes out, however now things are different. Why? Well Draenor dailies in legion give 3750xp atm which is…. bad, so here are your options.

1. First option is if you have any quests in Nagrand/Spires of Arak to complete them, but don’t turn them in. Once the expansion comes out you can turn them in for some nice xp boost at the beginning. Also if you have some uncomplited bonus objectives in Nagrand/Spites of Arak you should almost complete them(leave 1 mob alive, so when the expansion comes out all you have to do is kill 1 mob and continue to the next objective)

2. Second option if you don’t have any quests and objectives left is to get the Missives which are sold in your garrison. There are 14 missives which equals to 14 quests. Each of these quests give 3750xp + you can also do the daily quests in Tanaan Jungle. There are 5-7 quests there. Generally you can pick 5 quests daily, but if you check daily you should be able to get the other 2 daily quests which rotate. So if you do the missives + 5 tanaan jungle that’s 71500xp. It’s not much, but it’s still a decent boost and it will only take you like 1 minute to turn them all in.

3. Third option is to combine option 1 and 2. If you have few quests/objectives that aren’t completed you can do them + fill the rest with the missives/tanaan dailies.

Note: If you have Draenor Pathfinder achievement and you can fly in Draenor you can also fly around and gather the few missing treasures that you haven’t picked in Nagrand/Tanaan for some extra experience, but in my opinion it’s not worth it. You should do this only if on launch day(few days afterwards included) there are some major lag/bug issues and you can’t start normal leveling in the Broken isles(Legion zones).

If I can think of/find any other worthwhile preparationg information I’ll update this post, so feel free to check it every once in awhile

15 thoughts on “Preparing for leveling

    1. Good suggestions. I’ve added them.
      Truth be told I have 2 stacks of potions already on my mage and I have no idea how I forgot to mention them, but for the other 2 it didn’t even cross my mind cause I play mage as main and I’m used to having Time Warp(Heroism/Bloodlust) and Invisibility 😀

  1. 2 Stacks?
    For a 14 hour long levelingtime you need ~400, to use them on CD 🙂
    1k int more is a nice push per mobpack.

    thumbs up for working on that thing!

    1. I personally will use them on few rare/high hp mobs. Generally as Frost with or without the intellect potions normal mobs/packs die about the same speed. There is definitely small advantage, but at least for frost it isn’t as obvious as it might be for other specs.
      Of course as you said if people want they can get as much stacks as they want. Poping them on CD definitely WON’T slow your leveling speed, so you might as well do it 😀

    1. Yeah I have completed all my quests and objectives, so my only choice are the missives + tanaan jungle dailies. I won’t get much from those, but it’s still better than nothing. Gonna leave my Mage in my garrison, turn in the quests then TP using my HS to Tanaan Jungle turn in those and then use my teleport to get to Dalaran. For other classes they should set their HS in Dalaran and should turn in the quests in your Garrison then use the garrison portal to Stormshield/Warspear and from there use the portal to Tanaan Jungle. Once you are in taanan just turn in the quests and use your HS to get to Dalaran.

      If you have quests in Spires of Arak/Nagrand you can use those instead since they give more xp.

      1. Thank you again for this detailed guide. I do not have beta so I am not sure how the initial questing begins for legion. On WoD launch, everyone received a quest at 11:45pm…you then were required to go to org.

        Why set hearth to Dalaran? Is that were the beginning quests have you go?

        1. Yes.
          Generally on the beta there was an event that lead to dalaran, but that event turned out to be the Invasion which is happening at the moment on the official servers, so unless I’m misunderstanding something the event that lead to Dalaran actually won’t be there once Legion launches, so the first step to start leveling will be to simply talk to Khadgar in Dalaran.
          We will probably get a popup quest(like the one we got for the start of the invasions) on our screen that tells us to get to Dalaran and talk to Khadgar.
          There is still time till the official launch. I’ll keep an eye and see if something changes and if there is something that needs to be done before hand, but I don’t think there will be any changes.

          Also a note: The Dalaran you should set your HS at is the one located above Karazhan. Today(yesterday for US I think?)we got the quests that sent us to that Dalaran. If you haven’t logged in WoW today once you log you will see the quests that asks you to go there.

        2. After thinking about it, it might be better to set your hearthstone in Stormwind/Orgrimmar.
          While the invasions won’t be part of the quest that leads in legion I believe that there is 1 scenario that will be and that scenario starts in Stormwind/Orgrimmar.
          We will have to wait and see if the scenario will be part of the invasions or not(basically if we will finish it before legion launches).
          If it’s not then yeah there will be a scenario that starts in these 2 main cities and once you finish it, you automatically get portaled to Dalaran, where you talk with Khadgar and that’s when everything starts 🙂

          1. Thaks for this awesome guide!

            This is what I found out this week while testing my wod quest turn in strategy on beta: when Legion launches, Dalaran will be already over Kharazan, but porting directly to it (I took the portal from Shrines) will take you to Northrend instead. To get to “new” Dalaran and assist at its relocation over the Broken Isles, you need to take the portal from Cleft of Shadows (like you did on pre-exp quest a few days ago). So yeah, port or hs to Orgrimmar instead.

          2. Yeah thought so.
            I checked around in the Dalaran that’s above Karazhan, but it seems like there are no innkeeprs(or at least I didn’t find any), so you can’t set your HS there, but I think that there will be 1 scenarion that we need to do in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. You know the one that sends you on a boat to Broken Isles and you end up facing Gul’Dan at the end. I think that this scenarion will be the “initiating” step to Legion, unless we get it in the final phase of the invasions.
            By the end of the invasions we will know.

            Btw I’m glad that you like the guide. In the future I’ll add other useful guides I might find. In WoD I made over 5 million gold, so I’m fairly good in gold making, so I’ll definitely find a few hidden or not-so-known gems on how to make some extra gold. The only issue is that I might be too busy the first 1-2 months of Legion launch and I might not have enough time.

  2. You can do the broken shore quest before legion drops, so the first quest you have when legion drops is “In a blink of an eye” which is witnessing dalarans telportation to the broken isles. Maybe this means having a hearthstone close to Kharazhan is most beneficial?

    1. Yeah yesterday I found out that as you said the first quest basically teleports dalaran.
      I’m still waiting to see how the invasions will develope. To be honest I expect at some point there to be an innkeeper, so that you can set your HS straight there, but if there isn’t it might be best as you suggested to just set your hearthstone near Karazhan.
      There’s still some time and I’m sure it we will learn about this before the launch 🙂

  3. I set my hearth at Darkshire, as an Alliance Shaman. As far as I can tell we’ll need to fly into Dalaran above Karazhan.
    I logged out in Lion’s Watch, Tanaan. Turn in those dailies then garrison stone to turn in missives, then hearth to Darkshire.

    1. Generally in Stormwin/Orgrimmar there are portals that go straight to Karazhan, however I’m not sure if they will be up after Legion launches.
      Logically speaking they should be.

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