Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge!!!

So as you know in Legion your Artifact weapon will be your main focus of development.
There are 2 main things that your Artifact weapon needs. Those are Artifact Relics and Artifact Power and in this post we will talk about Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge.

So what’s Artifact Power?
Artifact Power is a type of “resource” which you use to “train” your weapon. By using Artifact Power you get to unlock traits in your Artifact Weapon which in turn make your character stronger.
You can get Artifact Power from various sources. I’ll name few, but bare in mind that I might miss some. Generally you can get Artifact Power from Quest Bosses, Rare Mobs, Rare Drops, Dungeon Bosses, Raid Bosses, Mission Rewards, Treasure Drops, Winning Battlegrounds, Arena Victories and random drops from mobs in Broken Isles.

So what’s Artifact Knowledge?
Well Artifact Knowledge is a currency which determines the rate at which you gain Artifact Power in Legion.
Instead of explaining more I suggest you check this link: Click Artifact Knowledge
It has all the necessary information for Artifact Knowledge.

As you can see from the link above the main keypoints are:
The bonus is NOT RETROACTIVE, AP-giving items you have already acquired will not change. You still receive the preceding AP values from items you acquired prior to learning the  Artifact Research Notes.
For the reason above, stockpiling AP items is absolutely pointless.
The Artifact Knowledge / AP bonus is not account-wide, you have to progress it for every character individually.
Catch-up system: The first work order for  Artifact Research Notes takes 5 days to complete. The required time then gets shorter proportionally, based on how far the character is in the research progress and how much time passed since the launch of Legion. The exact numbers of this catch-up system are not known.

From what we read we can assume that you should do the following:
1. First and foremost. While you level and you get as a reward items that give you Artifact Power you should use them on your main specialization Artifact Weapon.
2. Second perhaps(not 100% sure, just my own opinion) it might be best to NOT loot any Legion Treasures before you have at least level 2 Artifact Knowledge. Now why do I say that?
Well I assume that level Artifact Knowledge will take roughly 7-8 days(10 days tops) to get and if you go around the Broken Isles then and loot the Legion Treasures you will be able to get 50% more Artifact Power. Also I assume around that time in the expansion people will start to do harder content and only then will it start to actually matter the amount of traits that you have unlocked. Up to this point you will probably be doing simple thing like quests, normal/heroic dungeons and overall gearing and leveling your professions.

Here is the amount of artifact power each trait requires:
1 = 100
2 = 300
3 = 325
4 = 350
5 = 375
6 = 400
7 = 425
8 = 450
9 = 525
10 = 625
11 = 750
12 = 875
13 = 1000
14 = 6840
15 = 8830 
16 = 11280
17 = 14400
18 = 18620
19 = 24000
20 = 30600
21 = 39520
22 = 50880
23 = 64800
24 = 82500
25 = 105280
26 = 138650
27 = 182780
28 = 240870
29 = 315520
30 = 417650
31 = 546000
32 = 718200
33 = 946660
34 = 1245840

As you can see up to trait number 13 the artifact power requirments aren’t that high. What does that mean for us? Well if you are planning on actively using your alternative specialization you should definitely invest artifact power in the first 13 traits or to be more precise roughly 6500 artifact power. Why? Because 1 point in trait 14 requires 6840 Artifact Power. Which is better in your opinion? Get your alternative specialization 13 traits or get 1 trait more for your main specialization?

Overall just make sure to always put your orders for Artifact Knowledge. You can put 2 at a time.
You can focus all your Artifact Power on your main specialization, but in my opinion it’s worthwhile to spend 6500 in your secondary specialization.

IMPORTANT: In case you missed it in the link I provide above for Artifact Knowledge. I’ll copy/paste it here for you to see and remember because it’s crucial!
To start the research, visit your Order Hall, where the initial quest Hitting the Books will immediately become available on level 110. Placing a work order costs 500x Order Resources and you can start 2 work orders at a time. As you loot the  Artifact Research Notes it is placed into your bags and you can right click on it to consume. It then increases your further Artifact Power gains by x% and also activates the Artifact lore book by telling the history of your Artifact weapons.

2 thoughts on “Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge!!!

  1. Would you recommend to wait with suramar quest until u have, lets say, 2 articfact Researchs completed?
    Same with treasures?

    1. No absolutely NOT.
      Once you hit level 110, you should head straight away to Suramar and get friendly with the reputation there, so that you can unlock World Quests.
      You will gain a lot more Artifact Power from World Quests then from the Suramar quests even if you wait for your Artifact Knowledge to get level 2.

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