Announcement! READ!

There are 2 things I wanted to mention.

1st. I’ve added a leveling route that includes doing the dungeon quests. I think it’s the best route to follow if you plan on doing dungeon quests as well.
Generally there isn’t that much difference from just doing quests and doing quests + dungeons quests.  In fact there seems to be a bit less xp from quests/bonus objectives than there was before, so chances are that people who choose to do just quests might end up having to do at least 1 dungeon to hit level 110 as well.
Here is the link: Legion leveling route with dungeons included

2nd. It might be a good idea to take screenshots of the guides, because I’m worried that on Legion launch as well as the week after launch the site might be overloaded and it might not even work properly. I’m worried that the hosting provider might ask to upgrade to some expensive plan that costs like $100 per month which is something I can’t afford and while I’ll do my best to keep the site working without any issue this might be something that I’ll have to face in few days. Sadly the ads that are being displayed on the site bring only penies.
There have been 2 generous donations which will help a lot as long as they don’t ask me to upgrade to some crazy plan like the one mentioned above.(Big THANK YOU to those 2 guys. I won’t mention their names, because I’m not sure if they are fine with it or not, but again THANK YOU!)
Btw so far there haven’t been any warnings from my hosting provider, so for now I think everything is ok.
Here is an image of the reason for my worries from today.

As you can see the CPU usage has reached 100% and that’s not the first time. Also quite a few times the Virtual Memory Usage has been at 100% as well. Thankfully it’s not like this the whole time, but only I guess at “peak” moments. Nonetheless at launch I assume that quite a few people will be using the site and that’s why I suggested just to be safe to do a screenshot of the guides.

Also if there is anyone who is hosting(tech) savvy can you answer this question.
When a person loads a page does it take resources after the page has loaded? For example someone opens the Azsuna page and just leaves it open. Will it continue to take resources after it has loaded or it takes resources only while loading?
Asking this, because if it doesn’t take resources after the page has loaded there shouldn’t be any issues, because I assume once someone open a page he will keep it open for at least 1-2 hours before he needs to switch to the next page(zone). However if it takes resources even after it has loaded then there definitely will be some issues 😛

Edit: Also can you guys tell me how’s the load time on the site for you? I’m asking because for me almost always the site loads instantly, but I’m worried that I’m getting instant loads simply because I’m the administrator(not much logic to that, but… not that tech savvy :P)

2 thoughts on “Announcement! READ!

  1. It doesn’t take any resources from the host once the page is loaded under normal circumstances. There are some exceptions such as AJAX database handling in which case it dynamically updates the website as necessary without reloading through javascript.

    However, for most (if not all) things on this website, it loads all resources once when the client first opens it, and leaves it there until the client refreshes the website or visits a new page on the website. Certain things such as static images (for example, a banner) can be stored client-side in cache so that it does not need to be loaded again.

    1. Thanks for the info.
      So that means that even if there are a lot of people @ launch day/week there shouldn’t be any issues, because I assume most people will just open a page and stay on that page for a while.
      That’s great news.

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